Czerwiec 6, 2018

Workshops for trainers

These workshops are for those who already work with people giving yoga classes, spiritual healers, body healers, people who work with energy or want to work with people this way. What makes me claim that I could support you? I do not want to change your method with which you work with people. What I offer you is enriching it with knowledge of three elements: mind, ego and feelings.  Why is it important to know that? Because thanks to that knowledge you can show your client the cause of ALL his problems.
For example ego is the most defamed element on Earth and the most people do not know how it serves us. The next thing is that emotions (states of mind) are most commonly mistaken with feelings. Both knowing what ego is and communicating with one’s feelings are crucial to live consciously, without this consciousness you cannot EXPERIENCE LOVE. Self-punishment – very strong mechanism used by people on Earth, which manifests that we ourselves deprive ourselves from love, money, joy, partner or success.
Remember that our mind is a genius ONLY understanding and communicating with your feelings leads you to be in your heart, there is no other way. So when you are open that you are dealing with the genius who knows you better than you know yourself can lead you to the truth and conscious life. If you FEEL there might be something in it while reading this it means it is your path towards the consciousness. 
What can you gain attending the workshops?
  • in-depth knowledge of body, mind, soul, feelings, ego and most important how it is connected together. You will be able to understand the REAL CAUSE of everything that happens in people’s life: problems, diseases, not having what one wants (partner, money, success). Understanding and communicating this cause results that people stop suffering from its effects.
  • in-depth knowledge of human karma and how the choice of karma affects human life.
  • you will learn to lead the client further to the cause of his problems, but at the same time you will be able to reach hidden and yet uncommunicated mechanisms in your subconscious.
  • During the workshop, you will also receive an individual message about your here and now from the Guides.
I offer the series of workshops with frequency once for 6 months. Each editions last 5 days and take place near Warsaw in Poland. The cost of one edition is 800 euros. The cost of accommodation is approximately 100 euros and might be a subject to change. The first workshops are scheduled for 9-13.09.2020. Even after the first workshops you will be able to use in your work the new tools you will obtain. You will be able to extend your offer and may benefit financially from it.
If you are interested to attend in my workshops or need more information please send me an email to: