Why is there a problem with understanding what consciousness is?

consciousnessWhy is there a problem with understanding what consciousness is?
When publishing my posts, I have met with harsh criticism of what I write, insults or people who have pointed out my mistakes in what I write.
I often hear that I am conceited or that I am trying to be right by force. Everyone who refers to what I write in such a manner is in the place of consciousness, from which he cannot understand what I am writing about. But by using „cannot understand” I do not offend anyone, do not judge, do not refuse the right to opinion. Just from where he is he cannot see where I am. If consciousness was the mountain that you are climbing, then from above you see more and differently than those below. But the fact that I am higher and someone below does not make me exalt myself, I just see a completely different perspective.
Those who use the following expressions: deeper consciousness, higher level of consciousness use cognitive words that give the possibility of entering the illusion that someone is better. However using the words ” place in consciousness” is simply a statement of a fact.
Consciousness can be compared to empirical physics as opposed to theoretical physics. The fact that someone is in the place of consciousness, from where he sees more / differently than the other just results from the fact that he passed through the experience that led him there. Because we get to consciousness and love on Earth ONLY by experiencing ourselves. What I offer to others is a CONSCIOUS experience of oneself, with a full understanding of everything that is happening in the context of the psyche, body, feelings and soul.

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