Why can’t people talk about their pain?

helplessness, hurt, pain, love, powerlessnessWhy can’t people talk about their pain?

It is extremely sad that nowadays in Western civilization hardly anyone can talk about their pain, and even fewer people can hear about it.

The moment someone experiences pain, he escapes from it. He can’t talk about it.
What is he escaping into?
a sense of regret that can turn into self-pity
using mental force to get oneself out of the pain by using commands like: “don’t complain”, “don’t whine” etc.
pretending it doesn’t hurt – e.g. if I can’t do anything, I am ceasing to want to do it. Which in extreme can turn into a belief that it is better not to want than not to get or that it is better not to have than to lose. And if we believe in it, we lose much, much more
underestimating the problem and looking for positive in negative
escaping from own thoughts in alcohol, sex, sport or phone to a friend
insulting oneself with words like „a loser” in the belief that it is better to cut oneself with a razor blade than to realize one’s pain
aggression towards others or yourself

Pain on Earth is guaranteed, suffering is optional. We reach love and peace of mind on Earth through pain and its acceptance. Escaping from it only makes us use time and energy for frustration, stress, anger, aggression, a sense of regret, complaining, giving up and losing confidence that life will bring us what we want.

What is pain?

Pain is a feeling in a basket that contains helplessness, powerlessness, feeling of enslavement, rejection, feeling of danger, feeling of lack of confidence or sadness. They are not bad because they hurt. They help people to express themselves, for example, in pain that he wants to do something now, and there is no way to achieve that. The point is to be honest with oneself and to realize that it hurts. Acceptance of all feelings leads to love, escape and suppression of feelings leads to a superficial life and sometimes full of fear, and even to depression and resignation from oneself or life.

Here, the choice belongs to every man. And the choice is: short pain or long-term life in a prison of beliefs.

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