What to do when nothing can be done?

consciousness, love, fear, What to do when nothing can be done?

What is happening on Earth now shows where people are in terms of their consciousness.

And where are they?

They are in the place that shows that the vast majority of them do not accept basic earthly laws such as illness and death.

And why don’t they accept them?

Because they don’t accept the feelings behind them.

This beautiful time that we now have on Earth can be used as a moment to  become aware of your attitude to illness and death, or your attitude to enslavement and situations when something / someone is stronger than you.

To become aware it means to feel what it means to you. To feel the feeling of helplessness that nothing can be done now, to feel the feeling of powerlessness that you do not have the power to change it, to feel the feeling of enslavement that now you have no choices you would like to make.

It is now the time of choice whether you go to the truth and

  • you will give yourself the right to feel all those feelings that you run away from every day life.
  • you will give yourself the right to feel the pain associated with them and open to the fact that you can accept this pain.

And when you accept it, you invite love and from that day situations when you can do nothing will stop scaring you, even if it means illness or death of yourself or your loved ones.

The second choice is to follow the action, illusions of mind such as: hope, grievances, aggression, resignation, senselessness, stress, frustration, and underestimating the situation. This choice gives you nothing, it only takes your time and energy away.

This is an important time for all of us, but what you do with it depends only on you.

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