What can coronavirus give you?

coronavirus, consciousness, fear, health, What can coronavirus give you?

Currently, psychosis has prevailed on Earth. This psychosis affects every person on Earth.

  1. Some succumb to it, they don’t see the facts, it means that people on Earth get sick and die and nothing will save us from it, but when and how it is an individual choice. They do not see the truth that everyone creates their own reality and attracts what they have created. They do not see the truth that health is also a choice and if someone brings his body to a place where coronavirus can be a threat to him, then he is responsible for it and not millions of other people enslaved in their homes.
  2. If you do not succumb to psychosis and you are not afraid of the virus, then psychosis still affects you, because the restrictions that have been imposed on us all affect our lives. If you want to get something out of this situation, see how you are being affected by this psychosis now. Realize the feeling of enslavement and powerlessness or other feelings. If you don’t do it now, you’ll lose the chance that the earth gives you now.

One of the most difficult experiences on Earth is when something is stronger than you. This experience makes us feel the feelings. Acceptance that there is always possibility that something stronger than you may appear in your life is important in the context of consciousness.

Do you want to find out if you see all aspects of this situation that are important to you and what do you need to experience? If so, I invite you to the session, it can be done remotely.

Give yourself the chance that Mother Earth gives you.

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