Styczeń 11, 2018

The Journey Towards The Conscious Life

My workshops combine theory and hands on. During the workshops I apply practical exercises, which could be easily adapted in every day life. Thanks to those exercises you become aware of your abilities as well as limitations and how to deal with them. You develop self-acceptance and self-confidence. T 

Thanks to the workshops you will have tools to get from life what you want in all aspects, for example: partnership, money, health or love.

If you trust yourself – you take from life what you want.

OUR BODY is the foundation to live our life consciously.
Living in the rush we cease listening to our body, we do not receive signals from it.
And our body needs our support more than ever since activities which ruin natural resources and living in permanent stress misbalance a lot of processes in our body.
The aim of the first workshops is to show you the return journey to communication with your body. Via practical exercises I will teach you how to open to your body to understand what it says to you.
Because the communication with your body is crucial I elaborate and deepen the subject on each workshops.

If you trust yourself – you take from life what you want.

Feelings constitute pillars of being a human being. Without knowing and understanding your feelings, one can wind up in one's mind, it means live in a permanent stress, live in rush and out of nerves which may lead to the sense of futility or joyless life. To start to live consciously and in “here and now” it is important to know how to communicate with one’s feelings.
During the workshop I can aid you in the process of reaccepting your own feelings.
The workshops go as follows:

Our body knows better, that is how to listen and understand your body

Our body is not an uniform which you put on every day and expect to serve you. Your body is part of yourself. The way you treat it reflects the way you treat yourself. Lack of rest, non-stop thinking, rush, stres are not supporting you but dragging you. The workshops are to teach you how to talk to your body. How to start to listen and understand what it says to you. Thanks to it you will be able to cease abusing it, and start to use it in balance. Then your body will joyfully support you and give you energy to do what you want. Just let your body talk freely.

Fear doubles all, that is what fear really is and how it manifests itself on Earth

Fear is an energy which concerns each and every human being on Earth. Fear is leading us to get to know ourselves, showing which aspect of life is difficult for us. Everybody remembers one or a few scenes during which one had a feeling that the fear is paralysing him, became numb or felt weak knees. That is why when you know and accept your fear you can live your life without dreading yourself of “better being safe than sorry”, you can live your life fully.

Intuition or logic, that is can the eternal gender war ever stop?

And the answer is really simple: both intuition and logic but used in balance. So what makes all that animosity?: lack of understanding how male and female elements work. Female element (among others intuition) and male element (among others logic) are two separate beings, totally different. But every human being has both elements inside him/her. The workshops will show you what both of them consist of and how they work. You will also be able to find out what makes you not use them in balance. So the gender war results from the lack of understanding of yourself not the lack of understanding the other gender.

Partnership or a contract

The workshops are both for those who are in a relationship and singles. The aim of the workshops is to show you that the real partnership is based on your freedom as well as partner’s freedom. Relations where you want to possess your partner or where you give yourself away completely to your partner are nothing else but contracts. To be able to build the real partnership you need to know what true closeness and freedom is. When you know it you can experience partnership not only with your partner, but also with your friends, parents or children.

Dancing with your mind, that is when you both follow the rhythm, and when it makes you lose the step.

During these workshops you will find out what the mind is and how it works. Our mind has two faces: the first one – supportive which helps us to learn or to assess the situation.The second one – blocking – which is our internal critic, the one that makes states of mind such as stress, jealousy, low self-esteem or indignation. Just knowing what mind is and how it works makes us less vulnerable to its power.

I deserve everything, so why don’t I have what I want?

These workshops will show you what the mechanism of self-punishment is and how it makes you subconsciously feel, that you do not deserve what you want. This mechanism is based on the system of prizes and punishments adapted in the childhood. The effect of that mechanism is self-limitation which may affect each aspect of your life: money, partner, hobby so on. The prize is also a punishment  – why? You will find out during the workshops.

Our body knows better, that is how to activate the process of self-healing

At this stage of your journey deeper consciousness of your body as well as self-healing processes become available for you. Lack of balance in your body (pain, disease or disfunction) is inseparably connected with lack of balance in you life. When you realise what makes the lack of balance in your life, using the tools you’ve learnt, you dissolve it and your body comes to the balance itself and the disease is no longer a problem.

My home is my castle, that is how to use my strength

The aim of these workshops is showing you what real strength is and how it works. In practical exercises you will see how to gain what you want without losing closeness with other people. Using your strength opens you to freedom and self-confidence. It is important to know when you cut off from your strength and why, as well as when you abuse your strength by being angry or venting your anger on others.

Safety, that is I do not fear the risk

During these workshops I will show you what real safety on the Earth is and what is the difference between the feeling of safety and the sense of security. Knowing the difference is crucial to live your life fully without dreading yourself.

Trusting your life, that is when you trust yourself – you trust the life

The crowning workshops of the whole journey open you to trust yourself. To live your life without judging yourself in your decisions and being judge-proof from others. You will be able to go with the flow with curiosity and strength with the freedom to express yourself without a fear of defeat and judgment.

The scheme of the workshops results from my methodology, every workshop is based on the material learnt on the previous one and simultaneously is an extension of the previous one. That is why you cannot jump in the chosen workshop, because the topic seems interesting. The journey towards the conscious life will be of benefit for you if you understand that it is a slow train, which is slowly going in the right direction but needs time to stop on each station.

Each workshops last 4 days and take place every 4 months. These 4 months are needed so you could adapt exercises into your life.
If you are interested to attend or have more questions feel free to contact me on