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What can coronavirus give you?

What can coronavirus give you? Currently, psychosis has prevailed on Earth. This psychosis affects every person on Earth. Some succumb to it, they don’t see the facts, it means that people on Earth get sick and die and nothing will save us from it, but when and how it is an individual choice. They do Read more about What can coronavirus give you?[…]

coronavirus, consciousness, fear, health

Coronavirus in the context of consciousness

Coronavirus, what does it show us in the context of consciousness? What is happening now in the world very beautifully shows what place of consciousness humanity on Earth is in now. In Western civilization, the vast majority of people are in unconscious fear, which makes such people extremely susceptible to manipulation, and it is beautifully Read more about Coronavirus in the context of consciousness[…]

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Word power – impact on the body

Word power – impact on the body. And the word became flesh, that is, the power of free will. Free will on Earth is sacred. Everyone gets what they want. The question is, do you realize what you want? For example, wishes for the body: When my partner does so, I feel sick; I’m so Read more about Word power – impact on the body[…]

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Self-healing – acceptance of the disease.

Self-healing – acceptance of the disease. The first stage of self-healing is to accept the disease itself. Is it enough to say that I accept that I am sick? Saying “I accept” does not mean anything. To accept something first you need to see what you do not accept. So in case of illness, for Read more about Self-healing – acceptance of the disease.[…]

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Self-healing versus conventional medicine

Self-healing versus conventional medicine Conventional medicine through its rational approach to the body and disease, i.e. fighting disease, cannot understand that the body can heal itself. Doctors who reject a man as a spiritual being, and see him only as tissues and cells are unable to imagine and trust that Mother Earth really took care Read more about Self-healing versus conventional medicine[…]

Health – individual session

Being healthy or not is our choice. If your body is unbalanced it is you who decides so. There are millions of reasons why people deny themselves the right to be healthy. If you want to see what your reasons are, I invite you to a series of individual sessions. Sessions are held in an Read more about Health – individual session[…]