Superheroes – why so popular?

strenth, problemWhere does the popularity of superheroes come from?

Superman, the Avengers why do the stories about them sell so well?

Currently in Western civilization the problem is that people are cut off from their strength. By car they would drive inside the building if they could, the passage of several dozen meters is already a problem, everything is electrically controlled, etc. As this continues, all organs will disappear in the process of evolution, and man will have only a finger to press the button.

At the moment when a person is cut off from his own strength, he begins to expect that others will handle his problems and that’s why superheroes are so popular.

When you use your strength nothing is a problem for you – either you take what you want or you have peace in that that you cannot have what you want. Therefore, neither preparing dinner, going to work, or difficult living conditions are not a problem for people in strength. However, for those cut off from their strength, the sweeping the floor begins to be a problem growing up to the level of Mont Everest climbing.

Reaching your own strength is a process like everything on Earth. The faster a children learn to do everything around themselves and deal with their own matters, the faster they will reach their strength. Relieving children or adults from their tasks makes them cut off from their strength and they begin to be a burden to others and society.

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