Styczeń 12, 2018


At the moment there are lots of myths and lies and fake convictions about spirituality.

Spirituality is identified with religion, workshops where you leave your body, yoga, austerity, tabloid horoscopes.

The true spirituality is consciousness who we people are, how we create our reality and what is beyond our control. The rules are set by the Mother Earth, but people fight those rules, not realising that they are only guests here. She loves us and invites but on her conditions. If you visit somebody at his home you are not trying to repaint the walls, because you don’t like the colour. Unfortunately people extensively do it with Mother Earth’s rules.

That is why understanding that the human being consists of the body, soul, feelings and mind and knowing how all of these work together make us take what Mother Earth is willing to give us instead losing time and energy to fight and change the reality.

The true spirituality does not reject money, because it understands that surviving is most important of all and everybody is responsible to secure his/her survival. It is balance that assures calmness and mindfulness, that means to stand on two legs and use both mind and intuition, both money and meditation, both planning and trust, both logic and imagination and so on.

Those adversities are not in contradiction but in cooperation the only question is to know how to use them. That is why my method is holistic and takes into consideration all given by Mother Earth and God tools and possibilities.