Styczeń 22, 2018

Session with your horoscope

What the horoscope really is?

Horoscope shows the human psycho-physical structure. Coming to Earth, a soul that wants to experience something needs tools. For example, if it wants to experience being a leader, elements of Aries will appear in the horoscope, and if it wants to express itself artistically, there will be elements of Pisces or Libra.
Horoscope is not just a sign of the zodiac, it's a complicated combination of planets, zodiac signs and aspects (for example, the Virgo reacts differently with the moon in Cancer, and differently when it is in Scorpio).
In a horoscope, you can also see what difficult experiences people will attract and why they need them – the so-called karma. You can also find out what task your soul chose for your life. On the other hand you can also see your potential and what your soul has chosen to support your path on Earth.
If you are curious, what your soul has chosen for you, I invite you to the session.
The session is done by skype or whatsapp. The cost is 150 zl (35 euros). PayPal is preferable way of payment.
If you are interested to have a session send me an email on address below and we set up a date.