My intuition has failed me.

intuition, failure, disappointmentMy intuition has failed me.

You can often hear that intuition has failed someone. Intuition never fails anybody.

So where can such thinking result from?

  1. One can confuse intuition with hope. What is the difference? Intuition leads you to fulfil your desires, those that you have in your heart. Hope is an illusion of mind that tells you that if you go in some direction now you will free yourself from your problems.
  2. Sometimes on the way to fulfil your desires you will meet your fear. And then instead of consciously live it through, one can get scared of it. Then the mind is just waiting to convince him that intuition has let him down so he doesn’t try again. And then one would stay where one is and he still will be a slave to his thoughts.
  3. Intuition cannot fail you because a failure/disappointment is an illusion of mind which enslaves other people. We hear: „you let me down / You disappointed you” from people who don’t see you as a free person. They see in you someone who has not met their expectations. And if you have expectations that others must fulfil, it means that you cannot see him through the eyes of love, but you expect him to meet your expectations. If you think that someone disappoints you, it means that you had expectations of that person. You can still think that he fails you when he does not meet them, or you can ask yourself: what did I want to achieve by building these expectations; how I wanted to use another person to achieve my goal.

Intuition is the strength of your heart. When you are able and are not afraid to follow it, it will always lead you where you want to be.

You can learn it, I invite you to live consciously.

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