Styczeń 11, 2018


8 years of experience and tens of people, who have benefited from my aid proved to me, that each and every person is different and unique. It is impossible to find two people who are the same. That is why each method which is based on fixed templates might get to the end of the road one day. What differentiates my method is flexibility and that I treat everybody absolutely uniquely. I do not assume anything beforehand and lead each person to the point where she or he could see her/himself what the problem is. What his/her blocks or mechanisms of self-punishment are or why feels lack of sense.

I know I am a good teacher because a good teacher is not the one who wants to teach, but the one who can show to his pupil the way to learn himself. That’s because everybody is unique and in his/her own way and pace apprehends knowledge.

What is really important is the fact that I teach practical things not just the theory. Workshops consist of practical exercises, which could be easily adapted to the real life. Thanks to the workshops you can know yourself, your abilities and limitations, and you can learn how to deal with them. Thanks to the workshops you open yourself for acceptance, self-confidence and trust your decisions.

And when you trust yourself you take from life what you want

For whom are my workshops and sessions:

for everybody who:

  • wants to understand him/herself and see his/her uniqueness
  • understands that coming back to one’s heart is the process
  • understands that one enters a slow train, not a TGV, and each stop is important, that nothing can be sped up.

For whom my workshops and sessions are not:

  • those who look for quick results
  • looking for a pill of happiness.