Meditation versus agression

meditation, agression, evilMeditation versus agression

“Teaching children to meditate at school will solve the problem of aggression” and that’s what the Dalai Lama said. 

The perception that meditation is a remedy for all „evil” in the world is one big misunderstanding. Meditation is a tool like reading. If someone meditates it does not mean he/she is a spiritual person, just like if someone can read is not equal to be wise. Just because someone meditates does not mean that there is no aggression in him/her.

Aggression manifests itself in many forms, not only in a physical way. Even just thinking about the other person in anger is a form of aggression.

Aggression is a manifestation of not loving yourself and it will exist on Earth as long as it is an earthly law that everybody is cut off from love. Everybody is now.

Teaching meditation in schools will not change it.

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