How Can I Deal With Toxic People?

How Can I Deal With Toxic People?

And this question was tricky because there are NO toxic people. Because no man has the power to create something in another person.

If in the presence of another person someone feels

  • bad
  • starts to get nervous
  • starts to get angry
  • enters resignation or a sense of nonsense
  • thinks to run away
  • starts to get annoyed with this person
  • sends this person love
  • his vibrations lower down
  • different, individual

this does not mean that the person is toxic, it just means that the person is showing what someone ALREADY HAS INSIDE. Something he has not yet got conscious with.

Therefore, if someone believes that there are toxic people he is running away from self-awareness.

All the things mentioned in the above subsections show that contact with this person triggers the fear and feelings behind it. A „toxic person” is a blessing because it shows someone himself in the state: I DO NOT LOVE myself.

Because that’s what fear is. Fear are situations in which someone does not love himself, rejects himself, does not want to be like that.

And because love accepts as it is, so if someone runs away from his fear and situations that introduce emotions or anxiety, then he runs away from the opportunity to love himself. Then he runs away from his heart. How far can you get away from your heart?

Everyone has a choice: either believe the reason in the existence of toxic people or know that this person shows him his inside.

How do you choose?

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