Fear of loss.

loss, fear, consciousnessFear of loss.
Paradoxically, fear of loss means makes you lose something anyway. In addition, what you are afraid to lose you are losing it anyway now, you just can’t see it.
How to see it?

I will show it on a simple example of fear of losing money. Because you are afraid of losing it, you start to limit your expenses, you start to keep money for a rainy day, you think nonstop how to get or earn them. What do you lose then? By limiting expenses, you limit yourself and you lose the joy of buying anything. Putting money away for a rainy day means that you have money but you do not use it, so it manifests as if you did not have it. By thinking nonstop about money you lose here and now and you don’t have the joy of spending it.

And the fear of losing money is not just about the loss, it’s about what is hidden behind the loss. For example: helplessness that you cannot get money from anywhere; feeling worthless because you have to ask others for help etc.
If you are afraid of something it means that this situation has already appeared in your life. Not noticing that turns against you.

Realizing your fear is an important step towards awareness and love. Fear is your guide, not an enemy. However, if you do not realize what your fear really is, mind uses it against you and you start to scare yourself. Then either you lose a lot of time and energy for it or you are stuck because you are building a safety zone to protect yourself from an anxiety situation in which you already are but you can’t see it.

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