Coronavirus in the context of consciousness

coronavirus, consciousness, fear, healthCoronavirus, what does it show us in the context of consciousness?

What is happening now in the world very beautifully shows what place of consciousness humanity on Earth is in now.

In Western civilization, the vast majority of people are in unconscious fear, which makes such people extremely susceptible to manipulation, and it is beautifully visible now.

If most people were in strength and freedom, reality would be different. At the same time, freedom and strength are the feelings that we feel in the heart, so such strength and freedom is associated with the closeness and awareness of the existence of another human beings, it does not lead to chaos or anarchy, if that was your thought.

So what’s going on now and what does coronavirus show?

The main degree of manipulation is the word „responsibility”. Under this word lies an attempt to enslave another man who is to give up expressing himself the way he wants, because other people expect him to do so.

But those who now use the word “responsibility” they do it ONLY FROM THEIR OWN FEAR. They do not care about the good of others, they act only from the desire to escape from their own fear.

But what is happening now can have a beneficial effect, if such a person at least realizes his fear, and if he goes to the truth about himself, then it will be a step towards love for himself and others.

That’s why you can still get wound up based on news and other people’s opinion, you can let others enslave and manipulate tyou, you can still enslave and manipulate other people, or you have another choice: SEE WHAT YOU’RE AFRAID OF NOW.

  1. It can be a feeling of danger. Most people are afraid of illness and the associated feelings of danger. And if a person feels a threat and does not accept it, he can even kill. That is why people are now irritable and frustrated and react aggressively to the cough of others.
  2. It can be a feeling of enslavement. Lack of move due to general panic. You don’t want to sit at home, but everything you want to do is not available. Cinemas, pubs and others are closed because people are afraid.
  3. It can be a feeling of helplessness due to illness of loved ones. The virus may make you afraid of losing them. And you have no influence over whether and when it occurs. So if someone tries to enslave another man with a word of responsibility for others, in this case he does not do it from good heart but from his own fear, he is afraid to lose those he loves.
  4. It may be a feeling of rejection. For example, someone was finishing a project at work that was supposed to bring him a sense of success, someone was getting ready for a wonderful trip and suddenly others take it away from him. In childhood, this is often associated with the fact that the one who takes something away is the parent, and then there is a feeling of rejection associated with a sense of not being loved.
  5. It can be a feeling of powerlessness. For example, that the virus is a disease of the Earth and instead of seeing that humanity has brought us to a state where the Earth is now, such people arrange meditations and try to control reality under the guise of healing, love and good for others.
  6. Many others, absolutely individual.

You can still be susceptible to general psychosis and panic, or you can choose the path to strength and freedom. But the first step on this path is to be aware of your own fear.

So how do you use the coronavirus, ie the opportunity you have been given? This is your own choice and you have the right to it.

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