Being together.

closeness, love, partnership, lonelinessBeing together.
I like the English word togetherness.
Being close to other people without being offended, pretensions, expectations, requirements and being close to other people when they are experiencing difficult moments without the desire to pull him out of it is not easy.

And why isn’t easy?

It results from a lack of self-understanding, a lack of self-awareness.
At present, most people can’t make a conversation because they don’t listen to each other. Everyone wants to say something, wants to shine or attract attention, generally prefers to speak rather than listen (of course this is a trend, I’m not saying that everyone acts like that).

People can’t listen because they are not able to make a dialogue with themselves.

What teaches conscious life is teaches how to talk with yourself, thanks to which you fully realize what it is like to be a human.
You may become aware of yourself not only in joy, but also in sadness, not only in strength, but also in helplessness, not only in closeness, but also in rejection, not only in success but also in failure.

Most people are afraid of being rejected by others, not understanding that they are rejecting themselves. They are not aware that once when they know and accept themselves in all aspects and at all poles, they stop being afraid of being rejected by others. And then they open to full closeness and togetherness.

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