Being a nice person versus consciousness.

being niceBeing a nice person versus consciousness.
There is a conviction that being in the heart means being a nice / warm person. It is not true. It is a rational approach to the subject, rational, that is, being judgemental and in separation from love.
Being in the heart means acceptance while being nice is a manipulation. It is a big difference between being close to another person and smiling at her/him, because you are happy with her/his presence and to be nice to get something or escape from something. For example, you are afraid to say something difficult and you soften it with a smile, or you cover a sense of shame by turning it into a joke.
Being in the heart means that one can use his strength and one can, if necessary, speak in firm tone, without having to think how what he says will be taken. Because the conscious person knows that he has no influence on how his words will be taken by another person, because every person filters through his consciousness. This means that if something hurts him, it is his problem / experience, not yours. But also, if some words directed to you hurt you, it means that this situation shows you that you have a problem. It’s never about the other person and how he behaves, only, it’s always about you and how you react.

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