Being a good person versus consciousness.

love, consciousness, goodBeing a good person versus consciousness.
What is the image of a good person? Well, it is always calm and smiling and of course it helps all who ask for something. Angel – not a man.
Being a good person in this definition has nothing to do with love.
Love loves what it is and accepts that everyone attracts what he needs to his life. If someone wants to help others it means that he draws them out of their problems by doing something for them or by giving „good” advice. In fact, this being “good” is quickly turning against him he ceases to deal with his own life, he deals with others’. He begins to build the illusion that refusal equals harming others, and by refusing he sees himself as a terrible egoist. Often such a life ends in a serious illness, because people very quickly sense „good” people and lean on them.
We transform through a difficult experience, so if a „good” person takes this experience from someone he takes away from him the possibility of transformation and return to love.
However, if you are looking for help from others, instead of realizing that you are responsible for everything that you draw into your life and it is a path towards love, you can take away the opportunity to live from the level of loving yourself.
Of course, it’s not about living in isolation from others, just awareness what I’m responsible for and where I’m not.

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