Styczeń 11, 2018

About me

My name is Agnieszka Janczewska and since 2010 I have been professionally aiding people in reaching self-consciousness. When you are a self-conscious person you live on Earth from the level of love.

Who am I? I do not like the word guru, master, guide in relation to a man. I like the word teacher and lighthouse keeper. I teach and light up the darkness created by human mind and support people to see the light of the heart.

It is true that mind and its mechanisms make the "dark side of the Force" exist on Earth. Dark means, resulting from not loving yourself, cut off from love and light. It is true that we can see love and light from the level of the heart. However, there are both on Earth light and darkness. The point is that one can see the light after having passed through the dark. Every human on Earth experiences the darkness created by his mind, because every human has mind. But everybody also has a choice, he can either believe mind and see himself and the world through dark colours or judgement, or he can start to follow the truth and through feeling the feelings he can reach out to love and light. We, people, return to love through transformation and we transform through difficult experiences, not easy ones.

Methodology is an important element im my work because it is essential to understand that everything on earth at the moment is based on the process, that everything is opened to a change. Everything needs time and effort, changing your habits as well. I know what I am doing and I am able to show what those habits are and aid people to stop using them.

The thing that distinguishes me is the fact that my knowledge is based on each and every angle of a human being - physical and non-physical and the methodology built on years of my experience is fruitful.

I invite everybody who dares to try…