A dialogue within

hurt, pain, heart, loveWhy can’t people talk to themselves about their pain?

On Earth, pain is guaranteed, suffering is optional.
What does it mean?

The only suffering on Earth is believing in the conviction that is created in our mind. Suffering is the moment when someone starts to believe that e.g.
he is hopeless / unsuccessful / a loser etc.
nothing good will ever happen to him in his life / he will never be happy;
no one will ever love him;
life is just an anguish, nothing more;

Thinking like this causes pain that can be compared to cutting oneself with the razor. And it is important to know that it is us who is doing this for oursleves, us only.
How to get out of suffering?

We get out of suffering if we realize our real pain.
What pain?
Pain associated with feelings that NO human can escape from, but also pain for which our heart is prepared. It is enough to let it feel this pain and it will heal it and can carry us through difficult time. The most difficult thing is to open oneself to feel this pain.
Pain of feeling helpless, that is when you want to but you can do nothing.
Pain of feeling powerless when you feel you can’t manage no more.
Pain of feeling of enslavement when you feel there is no move to be made.
other feelings.

Our hearts are absolutely prepared for this pain, for the pain of difficult feelings, only people do not let it feel them. Therefore, the first step to get out of suffering, the first step towards a life in which you have everything you want, the first step is to open yourself to a dialogue with yourself about your pain. And just like everyone has mechanisms in the body that they do not have to think about, because those mechanisms know what to do and when. Likewise, opening up to dialogue and wanting to go to real pain triggers mechanisms that open the heart and the rest is done by itself. It hurts, but then there is peace resulting from reaching the love that we have in our hearts.

The heart can carry every pain and you with it through the most difficult time, if you give it a chance.

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