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Cutting from love – when?

Cutting from love – when? There is a post circulating in the network where someone has written: A child who is ill-treated does not cease to love his parents, it stops loving itself. Such a text creates the illusion that only ill-treated children stop loving themselves. And the truth is that EVERY child stops loving Read more about Cutting from love – when?[…]

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Self-healing – a cause of a disease.

Self-healing – a cause of a disease. Most diseases result from the fact that people do not love themselves and reject themselves. Western culture introduces a huge mass of programs, whichchosen may easily lead to losing the balance in the body and lead to illness. I mean, one chooses to be ill rather than to Read more about Self-healing – a cause of a disease.[…]

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Self-healing – acceptance of the disease.

Self-healing – acceptance of the disease. The first stage of self-healing is to accept the disease itself. Is it enough to say that I accept that I am sick? Saying “I accept” does not mean anything. To accept something first you need to see what you do not accept. So in case of illness, for Read more about Self-healing – acceptance of the disease.[…]

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Self-healing versus conventional medicine

Self-healing versus conventional medicine Conventional medicine through its rational approach to the body and disease, i.e. fighting disease, cannot understand that the body can heal itself. Doctors who reject a man as a spiritual being, and see him only as tissues and cells are unable to imagine and trust that Mother Earth really took care Read more about Self-healing versus conventional medicine[…]