Partnership – individual session

Do you want to build a real partnership in your life? You cannot build partnerships with others if you do not have a partnership with yourself. I invite you to a series of sessions that will allow you to open yourself to yourself and, as a result, be able to build a partnership with others. Read more about Partnership – individual session[…]

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Everyone sells something.

Everyone sells something. There is now a time on Earth that an individual cannot be self-sufficient. To survive, everyone sells something, EVERYONE. And everyone depends on whether someone will buy what he sells or not. That’s why you have a choice: you can still look for satisfaction, value, contentment at work, or you can open Read more about Everyone sells something.[…]

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Money cannot buy happiness – really?

Money cannot buy happiness – true or false? „Money cannot buy happiness” is most often used as an excuse to explain that this person does not have it. There are a lot of people who prefer to lie to themselves that money cannot buy happiness rather than experience that they do not have what they Read more about Money cannot buy happiness – really?[…]

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Why should money circulate?

There is a very powerful blockade for energy of money these days and it is the belief that people think they should get everything for free. If you have problem to spend money, if you cannot buy things for yourself, then with this attitude you block the energy of money. Paradoxically, the more you spend Read more about Why should money circulate?[…]